Tips for Moving a Washing Machine

How do you move a washing machine from one apartment to another? Many things make it easy for you to move, but moving a washing machine can be a bit challenging. A washing machine is massive, has sharp edges and is also a bit fragile. If you’re not enlisting the help of movers, then read on, and we’ll explain how to move the washing machine to its new home.


The washing machine is connected to electricity and water. Disconnect this evening before so that the water may drain. Start with the electricity; you’re lucky if it’s a standard power outlet. If it is an older connection, it is a so-called “fixed connection.” This will only open if you know what you are doing. Then turn off the power with the main power switch, screw the screws to the cover, hold the plastic on the screwdriver and short circuit between the cables for safety. Then unscrew the wires and screw the lid back down. You can now turn on the power again.

Check where you can turn off the water. Usually, there is a small twist (ball valve) nearby, then turn off there. If it is unlikely, you will need to buy a valve or a small stop so that you can prevent the water until you have a new machine in place.

Then screw off the hose, best with a fixed key but usually go well with a wrench. Allow the water to drain for a while before moving the machine.

Most often there is also a cleaning hatch. Open it and let the water even drain the dirt. The last thing you do before moving the machine is to wipe it at all sides to see if it’s possible to get some water, so you do not have to get it in your car. Screw the drain hose and seal the tube with a little plastic tape to avoid water during transport.

Moving without transport

All washing machines are supplied with transport fuses, which are usually screws that allow you to lock the drum during transport so that it can not shake. If it is not locked, the risk of washing the machine during shipping is high, if you are not careful. If you do not have these transportation fuses left, they usually can be ordered, but they are too late. So if you do not have the transport fuses, you can take towels or similar and gently fix the drum by squeezing them between the drum and the edge of the washing machine. Important that the drum can not shake.

Please wash the washing machine with a bubble wrap; the corners can be protected with special corner protection. Remember to protect the lower edge of the lower side quite well. Otherwise, the risk of cutting you when lifting is high.

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